• Slow cooked ham with herbs & cheese croissant. £4.95
  • Parma ham & cheese croissant. £5.50
  • Salame & cheese croissant. £5.50
  • Smoked pancetta & cheese focaccia. £5.50
  • Smoked pancetta, cheese & egg focaccia. £5.99
  • Slow cooked ham with herbs & cheese small plate. £4.95
  • Parma ham & cheese small plate. £5.95
  • Toasted avocado & lime bread. £3.50
  • Toasted raspberry, coconut & lime bread. £3.50
  • Scrambled/fried eggs with smoked pancetta. £5.00
  • Scrambled/fried eggs with smoked pancetta & cheese. £5.50

Panini with side salad

  • Slow cooked ham with herbs, provolone cheese, red pepper jam from Tuscany and rocket salad. £7.80
  • Parma ham / San Daniele, buffalo mozzarella DOP, figs pine nuts and citrus jam and rocket salad. £7.80
  • Tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella DOP, rocket, taggiasche olives spread (V). £7.80
  • Salame Finocchiona (with fennel seeds), pecorinio cheese, tomatoes, rocket salad and truffle olive oil. £7.80
  • Tuna, provolone cheese, tomatoes, rocket salad, Taggiasche olives spread. £7.80
  • Porchetta (rost host), pecorino cheese spread, onions & orange chutney from Tuscany and rocket. £7.90
  • Artichoke, sundried tomato, olive spread, rocket &provolone(V). £7.80
  • Pesto sauce, buffalo mozzarella DOP, tomatoes, pine nuts, rocket (V). £7.80
  • Roast pepper, rocket, pine nut balsamic glaze and Buffalo mozzarella DOP (V). £7.80
  • Bresaola punta d’anca DOP (air-dried beef fillet), shaved Parmigiano, rocket pesto sauce with pine nuts and tomatoes. £9.95
  • Black Angus beef carpaccio marinated with porcini mushrooms, rocket, melted provolone cheese & onion chutney. £10.95


  • Pear, melted Gorgonzola DOP, honey, walnuts rocket salad. £12.50
  • Truffle burrata, Parma ham, rocket, and truffle olive oil. £13.00
  • Buffalo mozzarella DOP, beef tomatoes, rocket salad, Taggiasche black olives, pine nuts and balsamic glaze. £13.00
  • Tuna, artichoke, sundried tomato, rocket, shaved Reggiano & balsamic glaze. £13.50
  • Bresaola punta d’anca DOP (air-dried beef fillet), shaved Parmigiano, rocket salad, walnuts and lemon slices. £15.00
  • Black Angus beef carpaccio marinated with porcini mushroom, rocket slalad, shaved pecorino cheese, onion chutney and pine nuts. £15.00


  • Burrata d’Andria DOP (small creamy mozzarella) with cherry tomatoes and Nocellara olives (V). £5.20
  • Burrata d’Andria DOP (creamy mozzarella) & anchovies filets. £5.80
  • Burrata d’Andria DOP (creamy mozzarella) & pesto sauce. £5.80
  • Pear ship “Caravelle” filled with melted Gorgonzola DOP, fitted with Speck sails, honey and crushed pine nuts. £6.00
  • Tomino cheese from Piedmont baked with onion chutney, black pepper and pine nuts. £6.00


  • Sundried tomatoes, Nocellara/ Belle di Cerignola olives, bread with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze dip. £6.00
  • +Add Grana Padano cubes. £2.00
  • +Add Mortadella sausage with pistacchio. £2.00
  • +Add salame. £2.50


  • Beef ragu’ lasagne. £13.00
  • Aubergine parmigiana (V). £12.00
  • Beef stew slow cooked with potatoes, carrots, herbs and white wine. £14.50
  • Cinta senese pork stew with cannellini beans, organic tomatoes & white wine. £14.50
  • Octopus stew with wild black chickpeas, organic tomatoes, onions and white wine. £15.00
  • Black Angus beef carpaccio marinated with porcini mushroom served in a Italian warm bread wallet with mushroom, melted pecorino, rocket salad and tomato. £15.00
  • Single mixed cheese board served with wine Jelly. £13.00
  • Single mixed cured meats board. £15.00
  • Single mixed cured meats and cheese. £14.00
  • Double mixed cheese board served with wine Jelly. £23.00
  • Double mixed cured meats board. £25.00
  • Double mixed cured meats and cheese. £24.00


  • Tartufo nero (black truffle). Chocolate ice-cream with vanilla core. £4.50
  • Tartufo bianco (white truffle). White chocolate ice-cream with coffee cream core. Served with a double espresso. £6.50
  • Traditional homemade Tiramisu’. £4.50
  • Traditional homemade Panna Cotta served with a creamy raspberry, dark chocolate and grappa sauce. £4.99
  • Neapolitan Baba’ selection (mushroom shaped soft sponge soaked in Limoncello, Rum and espresso liquor). £4.50
  • Pear, lemon and almond tarte. £4.50
  • Pistacchio and courgette cake. £4.50
  • Cannolo siciliano (depending on availability). £4.50