Cara Cara Falanghina IGP - Basilicata

An excellent and fine white wine produced with a late harvest and then aged in barrels. Golden yellow with amber hues in colour. Has a good body, soft and persistent on the palate.

Ideal for fish and pasta dishes. Extremely elegant bottle with a metal silver label .

Gavi di Gavi La chiara

Pale lemon with green tints. Elegant bouquet with hints of apple and floral notes. The palate is medium-bodied with citrus, Galia melon and apricot flavours, backed by good acidity

This wine is known and loved by many. Is perfect with any dish.

Incrocio Bruni 54

Aromatic of lemon curd and grapefruit. Fresh and lengthy on the palate, but not heavy. Lively and bright, good acidity and fruit characters. A new grape created in 1936 by the pollination of the flowers of Sauvignon and the Verdicchio.

A real unique and rare wine. It as a great complement to our pasta with gorgonzola.

Lugana Molin DOC - Lombardy

The taste denotes a dense and soft structure, well balanced by the right fresh-savoury vein and with a long finish, slightly warm, of mineral tones.

This wine comes from the Lake of Garda. It can easily be the highlight of your dinner if you have never tasted before.

Pinot Grigio Collio dei Conti Formentini – Veneto

notes of peach and pear, spring flowers and chamomile, with a light honey tip. The taste is soft, round and enveloping, with sapidity and freshness in an excellent balance.

Great with Yellowtuna fish salad.

Rapitala’ di Sicilia Gran Cru

soft and enveloping flavour, structured and rich in aromatic herbs, a broad spectrum gustatory, a long finish and persistent following juicy Sicilian citrus. Is one of the few white wines in the world that age in oak barrels.

One of the Italian excellence.

Sauvignion Pitars Braida Santa Cecilia del Friuli

Pale yellow with an intense aroma of sage, yellow pepper, tropical fruits. Aromatic and long on the palate, good acidity, slightly dry, a historic wine of real character

Exceptionally refreshing in hot summer evenings and with any food. A real star.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi – Marche

The predominant style of this still dry wine is it’s crispy, lemony taste, with intense and fragrant aromas and high acidity.

Vernaccia di S. Gimignano DOCG - Tuscany

Notes of wood notes among floral ones of jasmine and hints of ripe medlar. The mouthfeel has a nice progression and is fresh and balanced with a long and flavourful finish.

Great wine from Tuscany, perfect with any pasta dish.

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White wine test

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